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Helpful Tips and Building Info

Power Outages: Call National Grid to report the outage.
During a building wide outage, our backup generator powers
emergency lighting, one elevator and the front door.

Deliveries: Please schedule all large deliveries of
furniture, appliances, etc. during Mike's hours

Mail: Delivered usually late afternoon. Please track your packages.
The Breakers is not responsible for any lost or stolen packages.

Comcast Subscribers: Channel 918 shows the lobby.

The following suggestions are offered by residents who have found them to be useful.
All ideas are welcome.

A/C Filter Replacement Suggestion:

Can be Purchased at Home Depot - "Cut-to-Fit Washable A/C Filter" (24" x 36" x 1") - around $9
(Color: green, Material: recycled plastic that can be washed several times)
Instructions for installation and washing:
Take out the old filter out of your unit and lay it on top of the new filter.
Cut the new filter to the same size as the one you removed from the unit.
Note: You can cut out 2 filters to allow washing and time to dry.
It's recommended to wash filter every 30 days of use.

Bird Prevention on Your Balcony:

Tying Shiny Streamers from the railing seems to confuse the birds.

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