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Helpful Tips and Building Info

Power Outages: Call National Grid to report the outage.
During a building wide outage, our backup generator powers
emergency lighting, one elevator and the front door.

Deliveries: Please schedule all large deliveries of
furniture, appliances, etc. during Mike's hours

Mail: Delivered usually early afternoon. Please track your packages.
The Breakers is not responsible for any lost or stolen packages.

Comcast Subscribers: Channel 918 shows the lobby.

RCN Subscribers: Channel 99 shows the lobby.

The following suggestions are offered by residents who have found them to be useful.
All ideas are welcome.

A/C Filter Replacement Suggestion:

Can be Purchased at Home Depot - "Cut-to-Fit Washable A/C Filter" (24" x 36" x 1") - around $9
(Look for green ones - can be washed several times)
Instructions for installation and washing:
Take out the old filter out of your unit and cut the new filter to the same size.
Note: Try to cut out 2 filters to allow switching out for washing.
It's recommended to wash filter every 30 days of use.

Bird Prevention on Your Balcony:

Tying Shiny Streamers from the railing seems to confuse the birds.

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